Inspired by family and a passion for bringing strength and wellness to others, we started this journey in 2015 from the ground up.



Evidence-based personal training studio at The Sprinkler Factory, Worcester

Strong looks good on everyone*.

38 Harlow Street, Worcester, MA 


The more muscle you use, the more fat you burn. The concept is easy, the work is anything but. I design all of my programs with this in mind. It's not fancy, it's not revolutionary, it's just effective. Cardio makes you good at cardio, but conditioning burns fat, builds muscle, increases athleticism and makes you good at basically everything. It can even keep your body burning fat for long after your workout is over! I like to put an emphasis on posture and functional core strength to help combat aches, pains, and problems caused by our every day lives. Come get strong, Worcester!  

Small, local family business. 

Proven effective in getting you to your goals.